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2010 Celebrity Hair Trends (2)

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Helen Mirren
This veteran actress and Best Actress nominee looked wonderful in her softly-gathered up-style with the side parting. The gentle sweep of the hair was collected in the nape in a loose twist, with tendrils that twirled down onto the cheeks. She proved that classic beauty never fades.
Elizabeth Banks
Another up-style provides a different perspective on the look. With softly-swept and parted fringe, the look is satiny-smooth, without looking slick or glassy.
Kate Winslet
Like Ms. Bullock above, Kate’s hair was worn down and polished into clean, soft waves. The look is sultry and glamorous, and speaks to the era of classic beauty and style.
Kathy Bates
As one of Hollywood’s most accomplished character actresses, Kathy Bates is often overlooked when it comes to beauty. But as a woman who represents the majority of American women in build and bearing, it’s important to note that beauty doesn’t depend on youth, lack-of-gray, or single-digit dress sizes.
The funny and outspoken Mo’Nique is rarely shy when it comes to expressing herself, and her Oscar Night hairstyle was as clean and sharp as you could ask for. The winner for Best Actress wore a her up-style sleek, tight and twisted into a clean look that made her looks fabulous.
This Years Runners-Up:
  • Hairstyles for special occasions - Meryl Streep
  • ¨Prom hairstyle for blonde hair - Amanda Seyfried
  • Vera Farmiga - Hair in a loose updo for a gala event
  • Sarah Jessica Parker wearing her hair in an old school updo
  • Formal hairstyle for short hair - Sigourney Weaver
  • Kathy Ireland with her hair in a loose up-style with curls and waves
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Here are the looks that – while lovely – weren’t QUITE what they could have been. Let’s take a look at what wasn’t up to par and how to fix it:
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