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2010 Celebrity Hair Trends

Celebrity Hair Trends: The 82nd Academy Awards
We’ve always looked to celebrities to set style trends, and the place we’ve found and made the most celebrities throughout our history has been in the movies. The actors and actresses of the various eras have been the trendsetters and style mavens for their generation of fans. And where better to find stars looking their most-glamorous than the Academy Awards. When television broadcasts of the Academy Awards began being aired, people would flock to their TV sets to see their favorite stars walk the red carpet.
This was how fashionable looks began their rapid spread through social strata. Women could see their favorite stars on the television and go to their stylists and ask for the style worn by “so-and-so”. And so, through the years, trends have been borne. Marilyn Monroe strolls the red carpet with her blonde bubble style and sales of peroxide skyrocket. Audrey Hepburn looks waifish and youthful with her straight-edged bangs and women everywhere start sporting fringe. Years later, Madonna dances on set with scrunched hair tied with a big bow, and duplicate looks bloom all over the world.
Trends in 2010:
This year’s Oscar’s were no different than any other in that everyone seemed to be doing their best to shine as brightly as the stars they are. There were some trends in the styles this year that can be best summed-up with the words “loose” and “clean”. Most celebrities seemed to choose to wear their hair in up-styles this year, although the up-dos were generally soft and loosely bound, with an air of lightness to them.
Of those who opted to wear their tresses unbound, the looks were generally crisp and polished with clean lines and clearly-defined waves and controlled curls. There were – as always – some exceptions to the rule, but even those were easily categorized as “loose” or “clean” looks.
Among the looks of the attendees at this year’s Academy Awards, here are some of my favorites:
This Years Oscar-Winning Looks.
  • Sandra Bullock with a shiny silver dress and wearing her sleek hair down
  • Up style for older women - Helen Mirren
  • Gala hairstyle for smooth blonde hair - Elizabeth Banks
  • Kate Winslet wearing her hair down with soft waves
  • Kathy Bates - Hairstyle for overweight older women with gray hair
  • Hairstyles for black women - Mo'Nique
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Sandra Bullock
As one of the few celebrities who opted to wear her long hair down this year, the Best Actress winner looked wonderful. Her loose tresses were carefully groomed to be smooth and sleek, creating a satin finish in perfect keeping with the rest of her ensemble.
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