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Food for Hair Strength

Fruity Garden Cocktail

image of food for healthy hair growth Ingredients (for one big glass)
- 100 ml of orange juice
- 100 ml of beet juice
- 100 ml of apple juice
The day before, mix all the ingredients and put into the fridge. Drink the next morning for a nice, fresh wake-me-up.
For fresher vitamins, peel the fruits and vegetables just before drinking your cocktail. Add some ice and shake in a shaker to get a refreshing effect.
Sergio Bossi, your hairdresser...
...for the hair: Orange is rich in vitamin C, source of energy, which gives you all the strength you need as early as breakfast, while allowing you to treat yourself. The vitamin A found in beets, a vegetable high in trace elements, contributes to your hair's growth and brings them shine and flexibility, while vitamin B2 contributes to your hair's health.
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