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Hair Product Allergies (2)

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How to Use This Information:
At first read one would think that using a hair care product (or anything in our world) becomes a gamble, and in some ways it is. But, rather than be alarmist, think of this as a way to understand how to deal with the things that may crop up when you are dealing with your hair care products. If you begin experiencing irritation or unusual symptoms after starting to use some new product, obviously discontinue using the product.
However, if the symptoms occur and you can’t identify the cause readily, then try eliminating all the products until the symptoms abate, and add them back in one at a time so that you can isolate the cause/trigger. And as always, if you have severe reactions/symptoms, see a medical professional for assistance.
{NOTE: This information is meant to share education and basic knowledge of some of the conditions associated with allergic responses to hair care products. This is not intended to be medical advice or substitute for medical professional evaluation of any medical condition. As always, see your doctor when you have any skin irritation or allergic response.}
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