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The 1-2-3s for Great Hair of Any Hair Type (2)

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Curly Hair:
The biggest complaint heard from women with naturally curly hair is about frizz and lack of control. Naturally curly hair can be the most beautiful thing imaginable, or the biggest nightmare you’ve ever experienced. Here are some tips for taming your twisting tresses:
1. Condition, condition, condition. Oh, did I mention to condition your curls? Keeping the curls well moisturized and conditioned will keep them looking smooth and healthy and make the hair more manageable.
2. Keep a hands-off approach to your curls. Don’t touch your hair until it’s nearly completely dry. Allow the hair to air dry (or use a diffuser on your hair dryer if to keep frizz to a minimum. Style the hair using your fingers to arrange the hair as you desire.
3. Set your curls by using a shot of cool air from your hair dryer, and smooth away frizz and fly-away strands by using a touch of serum, oil or crème on your fingers and running them through the curls.
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