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This is how it works: To get Franziska van Almsick’s wellness look apply the new Hydro Style blow drying spray all over the towel dry hair before blow drying. With its fine mist it is especially easy to distribute, provides natural volume to the hair and reliable protection from the hot air. Following blow dry the hair using medium heat and the diffuser attachment. The diffuser preserves the moisture content of the hair and also gives it a light texture.
Naturally falling curls are best made with the help of a medium large curling iron. This can be done especially fast when starting at the lower area and work your way up in sections all the way to the crown. The curls should then be gently raked through using a wide toothed comb before fixating them with wellaflex Hydro Style hairspray. With these techniques the style will be perfect all day long and the hair is protected from damaging effects of the environment together with long lasting hydration.
Franziska van Almsick: “This look is just great and it is real practical for many occasions – not just for a relaxed wellness day. What I like best is that the styling can be so easily refreshed with the Hydro Style blow drying spray. Just spray on, lightly scrunch into hair and perhaps add an extra little touch with the diffuser. This way I can get a gorgeous style also for the evening and don’t have to put much effort into it.“

Pool Look: Shiny Styling for Hot Days

There is nothing better in summer to take a refreshing plunge into the ocean or a swimming pool. The water cools our heated body and gives us new energy. In the warm season swim sensation Franziska van Almsick feels truly in her element.
pool look for hair Franziska van Almsick: “To be outside by the water is above all the best thing in summer. I love to spend a hot day with my family at the pool or on the beach. Of course I swim a few laps which is refreshing and gives me a whole lot of power.” For a hot day at the pool Sascha Breuer suggests a casual styling that easily makes it all the way to the evening.
Sascha Breuer: “It is always pleasant to keep the hair out of your face in the summer heat. This way you won’t sweat so fast and can avoid unattractive sticky strands. With her current length of hair Franziska does not have any problems to wear her hair open even in high heat. This is why this summer styling is perfect for her: the look is fresh and the styling is not overbearing, with the ends having a loose and natural fall. However this styling has enough of a “glam factor” for the pool party in the evening. For this, the hair has to be well cared for and have a healthy shine. To help the hair make it through the day with shine it is especially important to prepare it for the summerly conditions. This is made very easy with special styling products that not only prevent a loss of moisture, but also protect the hair from heat and UV rays. The clear advantage: Styling products remain in the hair and can protect it effectively to the next washing.“
This is how it works: To bring volume and hold to the pool look start with working a golf ball sized amount of wellaflex Hydro Style mousse section by section into the hair. Following blow dry the hair over a skeleton brush while styling the front section away from the face. Lift the hair lightly with the skeleton brush and pull towards the back creating some tension through the brush. This is how much volume is created on the crown. For more texture and a great shine spray some wellaflex Hydro Style hairspray on the fingertips and rake backwards through the bangs as if using a comb. At last fixate the whole look with wellaflex Hydro Style hairspray – this gives the hair a healthy shine and protects it from UV rays and a loss of moisture.
Sascha Breuer: “My tip for long summer days: evenly mist the hair with wellaflex Hydro Style blow drying spray every now and then. This renews the nourishment and protection and keeps the hair smooth all day long. The handy bottle should not be missing in any beach bag.”
Franziska van Almsick: “Normally I am wearing the bangs styled in my face, but this variation is super practical for summer. To be honest my bangs have often disturbed me in hot weather. Following Sascha’s tips I can easily style it out of my face now and have discovered a great new look for myself.”
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