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This is how it works: After washing the hair use a wide tooth comb to apply a golf ball sized amount of wellaflex Hydro Style mousse to give it natural volume and reliable hold. The hair will be perfectly protected from the hot blow drying air and in addition it receives much moisture. Lean the head to the side and use a skeleton brush to brush the hair against its direction of growth – this creates much volume at the roots.
The outward swing can be styled by rolling the ends of the hair around a large round brush and quickly dry over or just use a flatiron. Here, you slide the iron through sections of hair and give it the outward turn at the ends. To finish it all evenly mist on wellaflex Hydro Style hairspray from a distance of about 20cm, paying much attention to the ends of the hair. This way the look can make it through all activities and is at the same time protected from loss of moisture and UV rays.
Sascha Breuer: “My extra tip: The same way we use water to refresh ourselves after sports the new Hydro Style blow drying spray by wellaflex can provide a great moisture kick to the hair. Just lightly mist the spray over the hair and massage it in. This way the look can be refreshed in just a few seconds.”
Franziska van Almsick: “This styling not only looks really young and sporty, but also goes along with everything. After I had restyled the look a couple of times by myself, I can do it in record time using a flat iron and the wellaflex products. It’s a lot of fun and even works on busy days, on which I usually would not have taken the time for hair styling.”

Wellness Look: Smooth Curls with Much Movement

After the cold season skin and hair are often dry and stressed from exposure to the cold outside and the dry heated air. A wellness program with much care and moisture is just the thing to do in spring to get ready for the warm season. For sports icon Franziska van Almsick the element of water is a part of her personal feelgood program.
wellness look for hair

Franziska van Almsick: “In the water I can relax the best. This is why I love to take time for a long bath and it can happen that I spend hours in the tub. Afterwards I just feel good all over.” For a relaxed wellness day styling expert Sascha Breuer suggests a lively styling with curls, that can easily be refreshed after the relax – routine.
Sascha Breuer: ”Curls are always ideal to bring some life into the hair. But to keep this look smooth and flexible the hair has to feel good as well. It is therefore especially important to bring enough moisture into the hair by applying the right care and special styling products. For the styling I bet on the Hydro Style line by wellaflex. It contains the special hydro active complex that supplies the hair with moisture for a flexible styling result. This is wellness for the hair simply through styling.”
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