Franziska van Almsick

Sascha Breuer and Franziska van Almsick
Styling Highlights for Spring and Summer
The sports and style icon shows her favorite looks by wellaflex styling expert Sascha Breuer.
Spring 2009 is right around the corner and with it comes a new breeze through the world of fashion and beauty. After a long winter, it is now the perfect time for many women to reinvent themselves and their style. Outfits in bright colors and made of light fabrics bring with them a new momentum and also makeup and hairstyling again show more facets in spring.
"Spring traditionally is the time to cut off those old tresses and to give some new impulses to one's styling", knows London-based Wellaflex Styling Expert Sascha Breuer. "Matching the revival of nature freshness and lightness are the absolute focus when it comes to styling hair. This is why light cuts that bring a lot of movement into the hair are the winners of the next season. The trend is moving away from the graphical looks that were popular last year, and we'll see softly layered styles that represent the new natural looks," says Sascha Breuer.
The top stylist has created this new look on WellaFlex spokesmodel Franziska van Almsick. "I have chosen a softly layered, halfway look that flows lightly and naturally, and most of all is very flexible. Franziska's old cut was stricter and strongly framed her face. The new cut accentuates her high cheekbones and brings out her beautiful face much better.
With this length of hair, it is possible to create a more natural and flexible style. And that is especially important for a busy woman like Franziska." This is why the former world-class swimmer does not just start the new season with many new projects but also with a fresh look. Star stylist Sascha Breuer exclusively shows for wellaflex which styling options Franziska Van Almsick has for her medium-length look in the warm season.
Fitness look for hair
Fitness Look: Sporty Outward Swing Full of Life
After the long winter months, many women feel that they need more movement and they engage in more sporty activities more often.Even after her time as an active athlete, fitness is still a very important topic for Franziska van Almsick. Even though today it is not about breaking records anymore.
Franziska van Almsick: "Sports are just a part of life for me. Of course it is not always my first priority like in the time of my swimming career. But in a full life with family and career, regular exercise is a great balance. I just love to really go for it every now and then." "The perfect companion is an uncomplicated hairstyle that follows every move seamlessly," says Sascha Breuer, wellaflex Styling Expert.
Sascha Breuer: “The sporty outward swing is ideal on an active day or for a visit to the gym. You can style it quickly and easily. It allows for every movement and gives Franziska a great, fresh look.”
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