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Myths and Facts about African-Ethnic Hair (2)

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“African hair is harder to style than other hair types.”
       This is not only untrue, but in my experience, is completely the opposite of the truth. When it is healthy and in good condition African hair responds beautifully to a variety of styling techniques. Natural African hair can be braided into intricate designs and patterns and the wave pattern of the hair allows the braids to hold tightly and stay neat and orderly. African hair can also hold a curl beautifully. I have created curly hairstyles with African hair using both wet roller sets and a Marcel iron. The ease with which the hair curls, and the clean, defined look of the curls, makes for some truly beautiful styles.
       African hair is especially terrific for styling up-styles. The amount of body and the ease of styling allow the hair to be used to create ornate hair designs with beautiful results. In fact, other hair types usually need to be treated with a significant amount of hair product in order to get the needed texture to create the kinds of hairstyles that are easily designed with African hair.
       The bottom line for me is that the stereotypes and myths that have been perpetuated regarding African hair are not only frustrating, but often have mean-spirited origins. After learning the truth first-hand, I would in many cases prefer to work with African hair than any other ethnic hair type.
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