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Building a Better Curl (3)

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      On the downside, the curls created with the hot rollers tend to be much softer and much less strong than the curls created with other methods. There is also the fact that, in general, curls created with hot rollers tend to loosen more quickly than curling irons, especially in warmer, more humid environments. But for those hairstyles that call for a soft, romantic look, hot rollers can be ideal. Even if the curls don’t survive for evening wear, the ease of use makes restoring the curl a simple matter.
Styling Products:
      All of the methods above can be made more effective with the use of styling products. Different products are better suited to various styling methods, and can help to customize the type, strength and longevity of the curl you desire by simply choosing the right product.
Styling Gels:
      Styling gels are thick, usually-greaseless and somewhat-sticky products which are applied to damp hair before drying the hair, or to help make wrapping hair onto a roller for a wet set easier. In roller sets, styling gel produces very firm curls which are often hard, and require breaking up before the hair can be brushed. For use with curling irons and hot rollers, styling gel must be applied to wet hair and dried before the heated tools are used. However, the gel gives the hair more substance and helps make the curls created more durable and stronger.
      Mousses are usually foamy substances that give a softer finish to the curls. It can be used on damp hair when wrapping a roller set, or applied prior to drying for hair that will be heat styled. It helps to create longer-lasting curls that are still soft to the touch and easier to style. It’s ideal for those who want a soft-looking style, but won’t hold a curl as long as styling gel.
Hair Sprays:
      In a wet set, hairspray is reserved for use after the hair has been dried and cooled on the rollers. Once the curls are combed out and the hair configured into the desired style, hairspray is applied to hold the finished style and help it stay in place. However, hairspray becomes a more active part of curl creation when using curling irons and hot rollers. By applying a light mist of hairspray to the hair prior to wrapping the hair around the curling iron or onto the hot rollers, the hairspray helps to bond the hairs together and create stronger curl. This adhesion means that the curl from a curling iron will hold together better while it cools, making the curl firmer and longer-lasting. The spray is then also used to add extra hold to the finished style after curl is added.
      Hopefully, this information may help some women make more informed choices about how they curl their hair. Most of the time the choice of method is dependent on the amount of time available in the daily routine, but once you understand the pros and cons of each method, as well as what kind of results to expect, you may decide to try a different method. And if you’re not happy with the results you’re getting with the method you currently use, maybe adding one or more of the styling products listed in the appropriate manner will give you results you can be happy with.
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