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How To Achieve 360 Waves - Cont.

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Begin brushing the hair starting at the crown area. Be sure to brush evenly in the direction that the hair grows all the way around.
Tie hair down with a Doo-Rag. This is best to do before you go to bed or at any leisure time you have.
Repeat this process 1-2 times per day.
DO NOT brush the hair when you remove the Doo-Rag.
DO NOT Shampoo the hair for 1-2 weeks while processing the waves. Once the hair is wet the wave pattern will become loose. The longer you go without shampooing the better the waves will set.
DO NOT get a haircut for 2-3 weeks. You may get a lineup, but NO Haircut.
Once you have the waves all the way around the head you may get a haircut with a 1 1/2 guard - with the grain.
After the hair cut repeat the wave steps process. Keep wearing the Doo-Rag. You should be good on the 360 waves from this point.
REMEMBER: Ask your barber not to use a guard less than the #1 1/2 guard - with the grain.
IMPORTANT KEY: Brushing the hair evenly is an important key. Many of my clients have said that they can only have waves in the crown or the sides. That is because they did not brush evenly. Areas that are not brushed well will not wave. YOU MUST BRUSH EVENLY AROUND THE PERIMETER OF THE HEAD TO ACHIEVE THE 360 WAVES!
Best of luck!
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