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Hairstyling How To (4)

Up Style for Mid Length Hair
How to's for an updo for medium length hair.
Variant Style for the Blunt Bob
Add some curl to your classic bob haircut, using rollers. How to do this style.
Variant Style for the Classic Circle Cut
Add some curl to your layered hairstyle and make it look less flat.
Aqua Trends for Long Hair
Wellaflex Styling Expert Sascha Breuer shows natural flowing trend styles and gives us the best pro tips for perfectly hydrated hair.
Halloween Hairstyle: Bride of Frankenstein
The "Bride" takes some practice to finesse, but we're showing you the basics that will allow you to create a monster bride style.
Disco Diva Hairstyle
The inspiration for this hairstyle was the Disco era and the Afro-tastic looks of many disco divas of the 70s.
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