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Thermal Styling with Curling Irons (2)

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The Barrel Curl: This is the type of curl you would typically get from a roller set and is good for adding body and fullness to shorter hairstyles. To achieve the barrel curl, you divide the hair into sections a little shorter than the length of your curling iron's barrel, and take slices approximately as thick as your curling iron is wide. Slide the hair slice between the iron's clamp and barrel, gently slide the iron to the end of the hair and roll the iron toward the scalp. As you near the scalp, you can use a comb to prevent touching the head with the hot iron and burning yourself (or the person whose hair you are curling). Hold the iron in place long enough for the heat to penetrate fully then unwind the iron in place to loosen the hair and allow you to slide the iron out of the curl from the side. If you want to make sure the curl stays tight, you can use a curl clip or bob pin to hold the curl in place while it cools. Once cooled, you can style the curled hair as you wish.
The Spiral Curl: This type of curl is extremely popular in long hair styles, and is also great for adding that something extra to special occasion styles. The spiral curl is achieved by using smaller segments of hair and wrapping them at an angle along the barrel of the iron from the ends to the scalp. Again, hold the iron in place to allow the heat to penetrate fully, and unwind the iron in place so that you can release the curl and slide the iron out from the end. Allow the curl to cool and you can use your fingers or a comb to soften the curl without losing it.
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