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Barrel Curls & Spiral Curls (2)

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As with the segments for the barrel curl, we applied a small amount of hairspray and slid the segment into the curling iron. The difference is that we positioned the segment so that it was at the base of the iron, and we rolled the iron so that the hair wound at an angle, overlapping slightly until we reached the scalp.
spiral curls graphic Once more, we held the iron in place for a few seconds, and then unwound the iron in place a bit, enabling us to slide the iron out the end of the curl. We continued with the next slice of the bottom segment, and repeated the process, segment by segment, until we'd fully curled the entire panel in layers of spiral curls. In addition, we divided the right half of the bangs on the manikin into spiral curls as well.
You can see the spiral curl results in the photo. After allowing the curls to cool, you can finish the style as you wish, or simply use a pick or large-tooth comb to carefully separate the curls in to thinner strips of curl. Lastly, another misting of hairspray and some gentle scrunching will define the curls and help the style last all night.
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