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Smooth Up-Style (2)

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up style photo 1 This last section is larger than the others you will have handled, and should be misted with hairspray and combed into a wide, smooth ribbon of hair, wrap this section along the hairline at the right side of the head, down around the lower crown and anchor it as you did the others on the lower left side of the crown. Pay special care to 'clipping, flipping and slipping" the bob pin anchoring this section, so that you can hide the pin and tuck the end of the section out of sight. Spray the section again with hairspray and smooth it gently to ensure that there are no stray hairs sticking out.
In our demo we have used two 'jeweled' combs one tucked behind another for decoration on top of the style behind the parting, but a variety of adornments could be used, provided they aren't overbalancing and are able to attach themselves along the scalp. Jeweled pins or barrette, a small coronet, or even a small spray of flowers would work if appropriate to the occasion.
The result is a style with a smooth finish, and an elegant look, and the staying power to handle virtually any evening celebratory activity or occasion.
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