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Men's Haircuts Women Love (3)

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Our Tastes Change
The hairstyles that women like on men do change with age. For girls and younger women it is often a celebrity crush that defines her taste and many young men adjust to that, of course, to get some of the attention as well. Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers brought good business to the salons.
man wearing the collar of his shirt turned up Individual lifestyle choices also have an influence on what women like. Punk styles, mohawks, surfer hair or dreadlocks – the more expression, the better.
When women get older they will often just be happy if he has a hairstyle at all and regularly washes his hair. Irony aside, it is not important if he follows the latest fashion, as long as he found a style that suits him and that he is happy with – of course there are a few exceptions, Mr. Donald Trump. Classy, dapper hairstyles with a touch of retro tend to be more of the focus again. Slicked back sides, longer top hair, a neat outline and perhaps with a debonaire touch, is what makes knees weak for the modern, sophisticated woman.
So, you men out there, just remember : no comb-overs, mullets, highlights and desperate pencil thin ponytails if you want to please the female population. Keep it clean, trimmed and authentic. Oh, did I mention perms? Go with the grey and if you do not have curls, then just get over it and stay away from those rollers. Please.
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