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Men and Their Beards (3)

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Goatee Man
Nothing says “I'm cool” more than a goatee. From Adam Sandler to Will Smith, men adorn themselves with the hairy circle around lips and chin. Bohemian and hip, this look has been adopted by all ages and men of all walks of life. It does not require too much maintenance but usually looks like the man who wears it takes care of himself.
Soul Patch
Where is the soul in it? A fleck of hair on a man's chin is perhaps another way of expressing one's coolness and statement of an existence outside of boxes, but please, really? This often less than a square inch, tiny little garden of male vanity is perhaps the most negligible and unneeded of all of the facial hairstyles. Sorry guys. It does however have a quite different effect when combined with a mustache: Welcome back Musketeer!
Whether you think “shaving sucks” and let it all grow wild, you just want to look older and distinguished or you spend hours fine grooming your mustache to express your sense of fashion, keep it clean and classy and don't forget that a nicely shaven face is the preferred option for most women out there.
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