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Then, you’ve noticed that when you take your hat off, the “flat head” has developed. All your lovely blonde hair, outlines the shape of your head. Not, very sexy eh? You’ve arrived at work with rosy cheeks and a red nose while your new color looks like it was painted on your head. This is worst than you thought. What to do? You run to the restroom and take your mini blow dryer out while trying to puff it out a bit, but notice the static electricity flying all over in straight wand like circular movements. What can you do? Cold weather shocks our hair. If our hair could talk it might say something like this to you, “what are you doing to me? I haven’t deserved this. I’m going to freeze and then faint straight away, in fact, I’m going to punish you for doing this to me.”
      Did you bring some hairspray? Spray your hair first before using your blow dryer. Turn your head upside down and spray then use blow dryer. Now toss it and tumble it where you want it. Use one of those battery filled curly irons if you have to, to reconnect with your hair. Your hair needs a little heat to forgive you right now. Most women have learned to carry a “first aid for hair” in their bag because of the weather conditions. This would include: Battery run curling iron, mini blow dryer(battery operated), spray and gloss if needed.
      Your hair can be a whirlwind of activity if you choose it to be, or you can choose a better low maintenance cut and color. The choosing is up to you and should be in accordance to your personality. Don’t forget, your mate will have to look at you through your decision. Isn’t it better to hear “ Oh darling, you are gorgeous this morning,” rather then him hiding behind the newspaper, being polite and not saying anything?
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