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The Braided Bun (2)

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These "sprays" of hair can be left natural, can be curled with a curling iron, or can be misted lightly with hairspray and smoothed out with a flat iron to form somewhat spiky fans of hair on each side. How you choose to finish the style is up to you, but here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:
braided bun photo - Try adding ribbon to each of the four sections as you begin braiding them. This will give the finished "bun" even more detail, and would make for an even more festive look.
- Use a beaded or jeweled hairnet over the finished "bun" to add interest.
- Tuck small flower blossoms or sprigs of baby's breath into the bun.
- Try using "hook style" earrings as ornaments on the braided bun, or perhaps a gold or silver chain, draped on the braided bun, or wrapped around the bun.
The completed style is one that can be whimsical, funky, or sophisticated, depending on how you choose to finish it. When we created this style for the demonstration, discussion was made about using it for a young woman in an afternoon wedding party, and adorning the style with small roses and baby's breath.
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