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How to Wrap a Perm (2)

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Wrap the protruding end paper over the rod and turn the rod "under", winding the hair evenly onto the rod. Keep even, gently tension on the hair as you wind the rod, and once you reach the scalp, secure the rod as appropriate. (Most rods today have an elastic tether that extends across the wrapped segment and an end cap that fits into the opposite end of the rod.)
Slice another segment below the first and repeat the process.
Step Three:
perm wrapping instruction 3 Continue with section two (center nape), then sections three and four (right crown, right nape), five and six (left crown, left nape), seven (right side), eight (left side), and 9 (top). Wrap the hair 'downward" in each section - toward the neck in the back sections, toward the ear on the left and right sides, and toward the face on the top section. If you notice that your perm rods look "crowded", then your segments are too thin, if you can insert a finger between the rods, then the segments are too thick.
Getting the hair wrapped evenly for the perm is important so that the waving solution processes evenly and you get the optimal results. The majority of troubles with at-home-perms are a direct result of poor wrapping techniques. A good wrap ensures even curls and processing.
Once wrapped, you're ready to follow your package guidelines for your at-home perm. Enjoy!
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