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How To Look Younger (2)

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You have black hair with dashing silver racing through it and you feel old because everyone is calling it salt and pepper. Salt and pepper aren’t vulgar or slanderous words even if you happen to be a senior. In fact, if you have salt and pepper hair and look attractive, count your blessings. What kind of reaction do you get from all of your friends and the peanut gallery out there? If it is naturally wavy or curly, why not emphasize your hair with a new haircut and think about getting some new makeup to put some more color in your skin tones, as we age; we tend to get ashen. This would be the perfect time for you to experiment. The salt and pepper effect usually displays the dark and silver colors in your hair. If you wanted to color your hair a blonde/brown, you would have a warm blonde and brown. Stay away from the warm colors unless your skin tone is complimentary with your choice. I would suggest building up what you already have with a smart haircut, new makeup and new colored clothing.
In the long run, the choice is yours. If your heart is set upon another color, you would be able to wear it with the proper type of makeup to adjust your skin color; although you probably wouldn’t look as attractive as you could with that perfect color that harmonizes with your skin in the first place. Just remember, if you decide to tint your hair that color you’ve had your eye on and decided it isn’t for you; your hair colorist will be happy to correct the problem.
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