Hairline Braid with a Twisted Bun - How To (2)

hairline braid with bun
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8. Take the clip out and twist the hair around, curling it into a neat bun. Secure the twisted bun with a bobby pin in the parietal bone area. Insert the pin discreetly in the fold of hair between the bun and the scalp.
9. Take the side section and comb it out neatly. If you have thin hair, you can gently backcomb this section and then comb it out until the surface is smooth. Spray it with some aerosol hairspray to support the structure of the section. Fold this section around the head, so that the surface looks flat and neat. Tuck the tips of this smoothed-down section discreetly into the fold of the braid in the nape area.
10. Follow the same procedure with the other side. It's important that you work as neatly as possible here. Tuck the ends of the hair into the fold of the braid and secure it with a bobby pin, taking care that it is done discreetly, so that one cannot detect the bobby pin. The surface should look neat and seamless.
11. Lastly, tidy up all the loose ends and flyaway hair by gently brushing it down with your fingertips and the end part of a teasing comb. Aim to get it as neat as possible without disturbing the braid, or any of the hidden bobby pins. Use your hairspray to tame stray hairs, and keep them in place.
braided hairline
12. Note how the hair seems to interconnect seamlessly. The bobby pins are not visible, and the stray hairs are flattened and tidied. Use your hairspray to keep stray hairs in place, but be careful not to use too much as this will make the hair feel sticky and lifeless. Note that the height of this style is in the back of the head. From the side, the style should make a tilted-oval shape, proportionate to the head.
13. Note that the style is relatively flat from the front, with the silhouette line of the style in direct proportion to the curve of her head. All hair is styled away from the face and ears, leaving the face open and looking fresh, creating a youthful appearance. This style can be dressed up with jeweled hair accessories and evening makeup or it can be a very casual style if you style it more relaxed and messy for a beach style.
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