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How to Treat Fine Hair (2)

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What to Avoid
hairdresser cutting a client's long hair Slithering is a cutting technique to texture hair and it is also used to remove some bulk and to make it lighter. The scissors are held in a steep angle against the hair and then moved downward in one swift and very sharp motion. The scissors are partially opened and the cutting results from the motion and very, sharp blades. Slithering can damage your hair if done too often, too much or with the wrong equipment. I puts a diagonal cut on each hair, thus opening the hair shaft and making the hair very prone to dryness, splitting and breaking. Done on fine hair the hair can look frizzy and in the end needs to be cut much shorter to eliminate the damage.
Another unpleasant situation can develop with razor cuts. It is a very similar technique, but it is done with a long razor. Be cautious when your stylist talks about deep texturing and techniques to remove bulk from the hair and ask exactly what and how much of it will be done. If you do decide to go with the thinning cut, then do not repeat it the next time you visit the salon. Just get a trim and wait for a few months before you have the texturing repeated.
With fine hair your biggest enemies are frizz and split ends, moisture and product build up. Those are easy too handle. Now go out and find that perfect haircut!