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How To Make Short Hair Feminine (2)

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Accessories Around the Hair
To make your short hair cut feminine involves more than just the hair. Short hair is the best way to show your pretty earrings! And the bolder the better. They stand out especially, when the hair covers most of your ear and it is only the tender earlobe that peeks out. With a great earring, the effect can be enormous. Depending on the type of jewelry choosen you can turn on the glamour in an instant or show your sophisticated side. This type of play with a hairstyle and accessories is very, very stylish and so easy.
This also applies to necklaces, be it pearls or the trendy statement jewelry. Women with long hair often have the problem that the hair when worn open gets stuck and tangled in their necklaces. This can be painful, since some of the hair gets pulled out and it is just annoying to have to pick it out of the jewelry. With your sassy short do you don't have to worry about tangles and can wear the biggest, funnest and most outrageous necklaces, which are more visible and "outchless".
Things you can put in your Hair
glossy short and stacked bob Even short hair can handle a pretty hairpin or hair jewelry. With one clip you can add sparkle and femininity to any look. Try out some of the chic new hairbands. These come in many colors and go from simple to elaborate. For just a subtle effect, a hairband, just a few tones off of your own hair color and not wider than half an inch will give you an instant lift in mood and style.
Color effects add a blast of good vibes and feminine playfulness even to extremely short hair. Temporary colors can be applied with ease and wash out quickly. Try the brush on colors for smaller sections. Often just a narrow section in an interesting color is enough to make a look interesting, artsy and sexy.
Use a thin scarf to wrap around your head from the neck to the crown, leaving the back and the fringe or front section uncovered. Basically use it like a headband. Colorful, elegant silk scarves can transform your entire appearance like this and just infuse it with feminine power.
One of the most important things to put in your hair is shine. Keep it clean, healthy and nurtured then it will come all by itself. For a little extra boost there are shine sprays or even a little sprinkle of neutral colored glitter that will add a festive touch for small to big events.
Make-Up for Short Hairstyles
To add more feminine vibe to your short haired appearance use eye-shadow and Co. It does not have to be bold if you are more the natural type, but a light shimmer on the eyes, some mascara and a tinted lip gloss can do the trick. If you like stronger effects focus either one the eyes or the lips. Strong eye make-up and heavy lipstick together look overloaded. A little translucent powder on your face can often replace a foundation but harmonize your skin tone. Use just a hint of blush to get the glow!