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Change Your Look: A Hair Color Change (2)

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2. Try adding lowlights to the lower layers of the hair, this can make the natural shade look brighter and more vibrant without lightening the hair and is much less harsh a process than a lifting hair color.
3. Try a toner service instead of a full-fledged color to add some subtle depth to the hue. A light golden glaze can make blonde hair warm and inviting.
4. Use a brass-fighting shampoo and conditioner to keep your blonde color looking natural.
brunette with shoulder length hair Brunettes
1. Keep in mind that depending on how dark your hair is, you won’t get a lighter color without a bleaching process.
2. Try a “wash” of a bold, vibrant color (such as burgundy or indigo) on the darkest hair colors. This adds some depth to the natural color and creates a glinting effect on the hair.
3. Use a clear-gloss service to make the most of your hair’s natural richness and vibrancy.
4. Try a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner to enhance the darker tones of your hair. Or a demi-permanent color to add richness and warmth to medium and lighter brunette shades.
1. Since so many shades of red are more subtle, perhaps you might try a toning color in a demi-permanent formula to make your shade brighter and hotter.
2. Avoid red colors that look or sound fake or unnatural. If you’re choosing between colors called “Candied Apple” and “Cayenne” go for the “Cayenne” as the more “natural sounding” shade of color.
3. Style the hair using curl, since the waves and texture in the hair will make for more light refraction, adding depth to the look of the color.
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