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Sixties Hairstyles (3)

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Housewives watched television as a new fashion model from London made her debut with short cropped hair and wearing a size of a possible 00. What is a 00 anyway?! Leslie Hornby only 17 years old, better known as Twiggy; came upon the scene with gorgeous great big blue eyes and wearing a thick upper eyeliner, false eyelashes with just as thick mascara on both levels of her lashes, light pale lipstick and extremely short baby blonde hair that she would comb flatly over to one side. She was the perfect kewpie doll; festooned in her mini skirt, revealing her long stick like legs and everyone wanted to be as skinny as Twiggy and cut all their hair off, well; almost everyone. Today, many moons later; Twiggy herself has commented on saying that today’s models are just too thin(is that right?) and admits she was naturally that way when she was young. Oh really? Well, some of us were naturally pleasantly plump. How I have detested that expression when I was a child. And, some of us were not even born a size 0, and found the whole ambition of looking like Twiggy useless. The more hearty look suited some of us, who knows; maybe we came from peasant stock.
Another hairstyle that was so prominent in the sixties were brushing the hair back and placing a headband on it, for decoration and to keep your hair in place. Hoop earrings would complete that style. The rest of the hair would either flip up or go under into a pageboy. No matter how the hair was styled, it was usually a heavy style. Very little thinning was being done, although many times the razor would be used on shorter hair.
There were also many popular updos with large barrel weaved curls piled high on their heads with sometimes a trendy hair band worn with straight or fluffy bangs. These would be worn for dining out, weddings and special affairs.
Everything was extreme in the sixties. The natural hair was extremely long, the bleached colors were either platinum, beige, high fashion light pink or lavender! Yes, I said lavender. Permanents were still way too tight and those who chose to keep their hair cut in a simple way during everything that was going on were to be admired for their level headedness and staying focused on their goals; while most of us were casting our cares to the wind. The sixties were a time of reckless events that brought forth many different changes in our society, some good, some not so good. Everything we did; affected other people, trouble was, we just didn’t know it at the time.
As the whirlwind of hairstyles fought against each other between the wash and wear long and the backcombing high fashioned styles, there were always those laughing on the sidelines at the whole vaudeville of actors still trying to do their own thing, but following after each other.
The truth was, just like today; everyone belonged to a certain group or organization because of their beliefs. The styles have changed, but the faces of the flower generation are a little bit older and we like to think a little bit more wiser. Make love, not war. Peace.
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