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Short Nape and Sides

A line as clear as if drawn with a ruler separates the rounded top from the very short undercut sides and nape. The fringe covers the eyebrows and comes as a logical extension to this line. Harmony in geometry meets great hair design and very sharp scissors. The shape is uninterrupted in the back as the longer top smoothly transitions and melts into the graduated texture.
The undercut segment also differs in color to complete the effect. A beautiful blonde with an iridescent combination of fine strands in a range of related tones contrasts the radiant brown of the lower section. A tiny corner at her cheekbone is a special effect to add another wow to this fabulous very short hairstyle.
Very short hair with bangs that cover the eyebrows
Very short haircut with a shaved section
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Collection: Wow Effect
Hairstyle: Zentralverbandes des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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