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Rockabilly Baby

Fluff it up and lift that cool coat collar while you are at it. The large quiff makes our toes wiggle with the remembered rhythm of classic Elvis Presley songs. This short hairstyle comes with a lot of attention, so be aware of this before you start teasing your hair and shape it back in a lofty, wonderful wave of flamboyant volume.
The hair is layered throughout and can handle a range of different stylings. It has a lot of length on the very top to play with, the sides and the back are neat and short. Just a hint of highlights in the very front illuminates the dark brown in a very subtle way.
video Collection: Hairstyles Autumn-Winter 2013-2014
Hairstyles: VOG Coiffure
Artistic Director: Bruno Weppe
Make-Up: Christina Lutz
Styling: Laure Orset Prelet
Photography: Vincent Alvarez
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