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Auburn Agenda

Her layers are as long as her color is flamboyant. The textured layers are styled to flare out in their ends, but fall sleek and in a natural shape. This style is gently tousled for an extra ounce of sensual appeal and its silky, slinky ways seem to be repeated in the fabric of her blouse with its amazing dramatic bow.
Clothing and hair, when combined with purpose and design in mind can have a rather powerful effect. The color of the long hairstyle is a bright, light auburn with a copper mist and extreme shine.
Collection: Trendy Bourgeoisie
Hairstyle: André Delahaigue & Alexandre Protti for Jean-Marc Maniatis
Color: Klarima Benzina
Make-up: Aline Schmitt
Styling: Irma Birka
Photography: Frédéric Farré
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