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Short Hairstyle with Deconstructed Layers

A round cut, a combination of mushroom cut and pageboy, can have a rather wild side. The evidence is right here and in the most flamboyant red that is wearable and flattering without looking artificial. One common trait of these new hairstyles is the combination of natural appeal and high level quality of cut, style and color. Texture galore is supported with an application of mousse to get the body, movement and hold.
A touch of wax accentuates individual strands and some of the tips. To counteract all he motion being too much of a commotion, some distinct lines were created as for example the curved point coming in from the side and almost touching her lips. It is the combination of controlled design, natural flow and partial deconstruction that turns this simple haircut into fireworks.
The latest hairstyles from France
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Collection: Douce et Féminine
Hair: William Lepec for Intermède
Coloring: Jérôme Poret
Styling: Kathrin Lezinsky
Make-up: Vesna Estord
Photography: Jean-François Verganti
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