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Sleek and Textured

It is the time again to indulge in everything short. Strawberry short cakes, short skirts and short hairstyles. If you cannot decide which haircut to choose, go for the one with the most styling options so that you have choices everyday on how to present yourself to the world.
This sleeker styling of the blonde, layered look has a certain metropolitan chic and also a stylish, effortless approach to summer beauty. The hair seems to follow its natural flow with the bangs arranged in a diagonal line. Everything is about softness, but with determination.
Easy hairstyles for long and short hair
Summer hairstyles for women
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video Collection: Skin Touch
Hairstyle: Fabio Salsa
Artistic Director: Fabien Provost
Hair: Fabien Provost with Alexandrine Piel
Make-Up: Charlotte Willer
Photography: Adel Awad
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