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Classy Short Haircut

It is all about the line. Pure and subtle, yet with depth and a titillating harmony of all its elements. This short haircut defines the new graphic styles with their round concept as a base and artistic strokes of the scissors to shape the beautiful and exiting cutting lines which are most evident on the sides. The fringe dominates the frontal view with is petal shaped and curved statement.
A little height on the back gives it a very polished and classy feel, while the general feel is ultra modern. Copper and gold tones come in the finest of hues with an almost invisible transition between them. All we see is the amazing luminosity, which seems to emanate from within.
Modern short hairstyle with a curved fringe
Modern pixie with exiting cutting lines
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Collection: Natural, Dynamic, Strong
Hairstyle: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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