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Classy Punk Look

Who would have thought that punk would ever go elegant. But the proof is here. A short, layered haircut with a pronounced texture at the edge of the neck, an elongated front and indicated sideburns, turns into a million dollar style with the lifted fringe and the shiny finish. The back of the head is accentuated with the light volume and the smooth and round flow of the hair.
More action is happening in front, where a special slicing technique adds so much power to the fringe. Hairstyles like this became especially popular since Miley Cyrus went through a radical makeover and surprised her fans with sexy short hair. Combine this style with smokey make-up and statement jewelry.
Short and elegant hairstyle for a punk look
Short pixie cut with a lifted fringe
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Collection: Natural, Dynamic, Strong
Hairstyle: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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