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Tapered Texture

An untamed spirit finds its expression in the flame shaped structure of the uprising strands. The essence of Punk and the flamboyance of Rococo are harmoniously married in this spiky hairstyle. The hair was cut with very short sides and a gradual lengthening from the ears to the crown.
The longest hair sits right on top and with some help from bottles and tubes it will lift up. For extra excitement the strands were waved with a curling iron. The soft, warm glow of a peach colors radiates from inside of the hair, as it is most concentrated at the roots. The tips sparkle in a light champagne tone.
Collection: Muse Collection
Hair:Petra Měchurová
Make-Up: Kristýna Georgievská
Styling: Mária Kohútik
Photography: Milan Dočkal
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