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MITCH® Kollektion by Hairhunter Ulf Gattert

Paul Mitchell Team

  • wet look for men
  • hairstyle for men with natural curl
  • mens hair with clean short sides
  • slick hair styling
  • hairstyle for men with very curly hair
  • gel fingerstyling for men
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Men are often neglected when it comes to hairstyle collections. UIf Gattert aims to change this and created a new line of hairstyles just for men. The six cuts cater to different types and each one represents one of the major trends that are currently ruffling the hair of the masculine part of the world.
MITCH® covers more than just hairstyles and offers men an entire line of haircare and styling products to keep their locks attractive. The hairstyles are as different as every man who wears them. Curls or a slick pomade look are all on the menu. Tailored to each personality, hair is turning into a major fashion statement for men as well.
Hairstyles: Paul Mitchell Team
Hair Stylist: Ulf Gattert
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