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Posh Bob with Haircolor Contrasts

Red points accentuate the shape of her face by following the line of her cheekbones. This gives the short bob such a tailored look. The clear and clean geometric shape is glamorous all by itself and just oozes retro elegance. In comes the color and makes this classic a sight to behold.
Bangs and sides feature a bright red contrast color to the shiny black. The red was applied in the lower half of the straight cut, wide bangs, topped by even black which allows the red to shine through in places, depending on how the hair falls. The streaks on the sides are also very bold and appear in a regular pattern.
Collection: Jewel
Hairstyle: KAM Hair and Beauty Salon
Hair: Karen Thomson
Make-Up: Carol Wilson
Stylist: Ian Tod
Photography: Jim Crone
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