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"Jukebox" by Jean Louis David

  • Short hairstyle with a clipped neck
  • Haircut with a clipped nape
  • Short hairstyle with curls
  • 60s fashion hairstyle
  • Rocking fringe
  • Long hairstyle with curls
  • Long straightened hair
  • Blended hair colors
  • Middle length hair for men
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Rockabilly and Brigitte Bardot must have inspired this rhythmic, beautifully nostalgic and avantgarde collection of hairstyles that are clearly classics, but as exciting today as they were then. Made over with modern tricks and twists the looks that are invigorating and make us want to turn up the music, dance and most of all flirt.
Short or long, all shapes are bold, sexy and visually intriguing. Eye candy with a jazzy, sassy and seductive spirit for men and women. The colors match the looks in their intensity of the dark browns and the over the top blondes with darker and lighter accents. Just as in music, the trends in hair fashion flow, they might disappear for a while, but then they come back stronger as they were before. So what is your favorite jukebox song?
video Copyright: Jean Louis David
Cuts, Colors, Hairstyles: Vanessa Giani, Jeff Causse & Martyn Foss-Calder
Make-up: RĂ©gine Bedot
Photography: Laurent Darmon
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