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Rocking Fringe

Rock it, Baby! This is the fringe of all fringes and yes, it has music in every follicle. And would you have guessed that this short "sweep them of their feet" hairstyle is based on he same 60s bob cut that was presented in the twiggy style before? Check out the sides and see the same idea of tugging a part of the hair behind the hair.
The back is nicely rounded and all of the massive action takes place in the top hair which is raised up, tousled and turned wild with a lot of accents on individual strands. Mousse and extra strong hairspray are your best friends for this creation.
Short hairstyle with tousled top hair
Short hairstyle with a rounded back
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video Collection: Jukebox
Copyright: Jean Louis David
Cuts, Colors, Hairstyles: Vanessa Giani, Jeff Causse & Martyn Foss-Calder
Make-up: RĂ©gine Bedot
Photography: Laurent Darmon
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