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Short Curls

Heavy structured with loads of curls going this way and then the other. Large blonde curls on top make for a breathtaking volume and exceedingly sexy short style. These are contrasted by shorter curls in the lower perimeter which are directed into the opposite direction and have a color that is a few steps darker than the golden blonde on top.
The key to this look is that the curls fall in a controlled direction and do not tangle or tousle. This hairstyle is best created with large rollers or a large barreled curling iron.
Sexy short hairstyle with curls
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video Collection: Jukebox
Copyright: Jean Louis David
Cuts, Colors, Hairstyles: Vanessa Giani, Jeff Causse & Martyn Foss-Calder
Make-up: RĂ©gine Bedot
Photography: Laurent Darmon
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