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Geometrical Asymmetry

This very sculptural hairstyle is undercut on one side and features sharp lines and pointy geometry all over. If you are looking for a way to express your extravagant nature, a short haircut with such intensity should be on top of your list.
The precise cut is styled with a touch of mousse and a good round brush to work the curve into the hair that you can see on the shorter side. The opposite area is close to the scalp and with a few drops of hair gloss the shine is just out of this world. The base color is a deep black with a very subtle hint of violet, which just deepens the color.
Short hairstyle with sharp cutting lines
Collection: Hairhunter Collection 12
Hairstyles & Make-up: Paul Mitchell Team
Hair Stylist: Ulf Gattert
Photography: Hartmut Nörenberg
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