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Hairhunter Collection '12

Paul Mitchell Team

  • short haircut with sharp lines
  • haircut with a shorter side
  • hair with energized layers
  • Princess Leia look
  • crimped hair
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"From Russia with Love" is a famous movie but it could also be another title for this collection by Paul Mitchell Stylist Ulf Gattert. He was so inspired by the Moscow fashion week, that he immediately translated his excitement into hairstyles. His creative outburst led to very different looks from geometrical styles with undercut to soft long volume and finally an artfully crimped postmodern look.
All are unique and created with much attention to detail and balance. What was radical yesterday is mainstream today so that more and more women are ready to take a new route when it comes to their hair. While the shapes are extravagant, the colors remain grounded in natural tones of black, brown and blonde.
Hairstyles & Make-up: Paul Mitchell Team
Hair Stylist: Ulf Gattert
Photography: Hartmut Nörenberg
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