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Graphisme & Turbulences

Jean-Marc Maniatis

  • Choppy Asian haircut
  • Asian bowl cut
  • Blunt Asian bob
  • Rounded bob
  • Boyish cut for Asian hair
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Fusion has been a big hit in many areas from food to fashion. Jean-Marc Maniatis now presents his Asian inspired collection of hairstyles featuring a fusion of East and West in geometric, round cuts and bobs with varying stages of destructing. Dark brown and black are the hair colors of choice. Graphic, symmetrical with pure lines and a simplicity that makes the looks artistic and even luxurious.
Shapes are classic in their core and with the magic Maniatis touch new details evolve to add excitement and surprise. As the name of the collection expresses, there are a few turbulences in all of the graphic lines and designs. Between Paris and Beijing hair has just become more exciting!
Hairstyles: André Delahaigue & Alexandre Protti for Jean-Marc Maniatis
Color: Pamela Frangopoulos & Kim Moccand
Make-up: Aline Schmitt
Styling: Irma Birka
Photography: Frédéric Farré
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