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Boyish Cut for Asian Hair

A new approach to the bowl cut mixed the famous, retro look with a short boyish look. This hybrid features a strong line from earlobe to earlobe, curved for a wide fringe. The neck is tapered and all of the cutting lines are very finely textured just with the very tip of the scissors.
This precision pays off in an exceptionally alluring style influenced by fashion trends in Asia and in Europe. A very dark brown is kissed by the light for an iridescent and irresistible shimmer.
Short hairstyle influenced by Asian fashion
Collection: Graphisme & Turbulences
Hairstyle: André Delahaigue & Alexandre Protti for Jean-Marc Maniatis
Color: Pamela Frangopoulos & Kim Moccand
Make-up: Aline Schmitt
Styling: Irma Birka
Photography: Frédéric Farré
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