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Harmony in Curls

Large curls in a short hairstyle come with a very iconic, feminine flair. This look is refined and sexy. The curls can be made with a wide barreled curling iron or with rollers. Once set the large curls are ruffled and partially pulled out and deconstructed. This generates good volume and a very sensual texture.
The fine highlights come into play once again to enhance the movement and to create visual depth. For this version the hair was styled into the face, almost covering one of her eyes. This little trick instantly adds a trendy, mysterious factor.
Short curly hairstyle with highlights
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Collection: Follow Me
Hairstyle: Camille Albane
Hairstylist: Louis Lafolie
Colorist: Marie Bidart
Make-up: Camille Albane
Photographer: Nicolas Valois
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