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Celebration of Red

Bewitching in its deep and bold glow, this long red hairstyle has a very refined finish and cut. A blunt cutting line gives it a neat feel and the side fringe brings a stylish asymmetry into the equation.
The hair was styled extremely straight. A hot iron helps with this. Lift it up with the hands and let it fall to create the interesting uneven surface. Smoothing serum is a must to have the hair this supple and shiny.
Long and shiny red hair
Extremely straight long red hair
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Collection: La Féminin
Salon: Frizerstvo Lassana
Haircuts: Metod Tasič & Ana Oblak
Coloring: N. Lučič, M. Križmančič, C. Mustedanagic, S. Mikluž
Make-up: Maja Šušnjara
Styling: Danaja Vegelj
Photography: Mimi Antolovic
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