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Straight Bangs in Two Colors

Platinum hair shines brightly on her black and the fine texture competes with the intricacy of the lace. However the real eye catcher in this adventurous look is the full fringe. An innovative, layered coloring technique was used to bring interest into the two tone bangs.
The reddish brown hair color with its warm glow could not be more opposite to the cool blonde, but it is exactly this juxtaposition that makes the combination so thrilling. One or both sides can be tugged behind the ear and this style also looks great in a ponytail or as an updo. The fringe is the true star.
Long hairstyle with a full fringe in two colors
Long hair styled behind the ears
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Collection: La Féminin
Salon: Frizerstvo Lassana
Haircuts: Metod Tasič & Ana Oblak
Coloring: N. Lučič, M. Križmančič, C. Mustedanagic, S. Mikluž
Make-up: Maja Šušnjara
Styling: Danaja Vegelj
Photography: Mimi Antolovic
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