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Blonde Bob with Texture

As soft as a whisper. This extremely appealing bob was cut with some angled lines and tapered feathers that frame her face. A long fringe touches the tip of her nose before it flows in a diagonal curve to the lower tips that sit just underneath her chin. A straight and very neat side part separates the hair to a super stylish look.
Her hair color is a baby blond with a blinding light exuding from its very core. This hairstyle does not need any further tricks or embellishments. Just a little roundness in the lower line created with a styling brush while drying gives it all of the swing and chic it needs.
Bob with tapered and angled lines
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Collection: La Féminin
Salon: Frizerstvo Lassana
Haircuts: Metod Tasič & Ana Oblak
Coloring: Nada Lučič, Mateja Križmančič, Jasna Mustedanagic, Sara Mikluž
Make-up: Maja Šušnjara
Styling: Danaja Vegelj
Photography: Mimi Antolovic
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