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Large Curls Medium Length

Perhaps the sexiest bob on the planet and to push the limit even further, the already striking shape vibrates in the 2 colors. A dark brown and a medium brown with a reddish hint whirl their way to the top of the fashion charts and into our hearts.
An ultra feminine look with a pleasant touch of nostalgia and much of modern texture and technique. A side part and low plunging fringe make it especially elegant. Wear it for festive events or even for casual occasions, it always fits, no matter where you are.
video Collection: Eclectique
Hairstyles: Saint Algue
Cut & Coloring: Cathy Monnier, Emma Guerri, William Cerf
Make-Up: Luc Drouen
Styling: Olivia Arnaud
Photography: Gilles-Marie Zimmerman
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