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Sassy and Romantic Look

Disheveled hair is always a synonym for sexy. It is not different for this sensual look of two toned hair, styled diagonally. A low side part was drawn in a deliberately messy line and the hair was encouraged, with the help of some good styling products, to fall in rather rough strands which turn from straight to more and more curly in the lower sections.
The color lightens up tremendously from the crown to the tips and the inner hair also shines in the darker hue. Show your passion and shake your long hair, mess it up with your fingers and hold it with a mist of hairspray. Styling can be as simple as that!
video Collection: Eclectique
Hairstyles: Saint Algue
Cut & Coloring: Cathy Monnier, Emma Guerri, William Cerf
Make-Up: Luc Drouen
Styling: Olivia Arnaud
Photography: Gilles-Marie Zimmerman
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