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Seductive Movement

The motion of the hair is enhanced by the two toned coloring with a medium auburn on top and a deep, dark chestnut tone underneath. The color is applied on top of each other in substantial layers so that a new pattern emerges with every version of styling. A genius way to bring more life into your hair and more fun when experimenting with new fanciful expressions.
For this seductive look the hair was dried over the head to increase the volume. Then it was mussed with the hands and kneaded well to distribute the mousse and to generate the disheveled sexiness. Casual and effortless in its looks it still oozes finesse and sophistication.
Irresistible male look
fashionable hairstyles for men and women
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video Collection: Eclectique
Hairstyles: Saint Algue
Cut & Coloring: C. Monnier, E. Guerri, W. Cerf
Make-Up: Luc Drouen
Styling: Olivia Arnaud
Photography: Gilles-Marie Zimmerman
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